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Nonidi 29 Messidor

Nonidi 29 Messidor, jour du blÚ
corn day

Calendrier Militaire

Year II

Army of the Rhine.
Michaud, general-in-chief.
Capture of Kayserlauter and a huge quantity of ammunition; the enemy flees in a hurry.

Army of Sambre and Meuse.
Scherer, commanding officer.
Surrender of Landrecies, after 6 days; the 1,500-man garrison is taken prisoner; capture of 92 cannon.

Year III

Moncey, general-in-chief.
Dessein, division general.
Willot, brigadier-general.
The enemy, attacked in all its positions, evacuates Biscaye and withdraws behind the Ebre river; capture of the saltworks of Mictorie and Bilbao; many enemy casualties.

Year IV

Vendamme, brigadier-general, commanding officer.
Attack and capture of the post of Alpersbach; the enemy is shredded.
Laval, brigade commander.
Attack and rout of all enemy posts, between Necker and Kinche; many enemy casualties,

300 prisoners, 6 caissons, 40 horses.
Capture of Rheinfelden, Seckingen and the whole Friekthal, a few cannon and much supply.
Ernouf, division general.
Military reco by the French on the road to Aschaffenbourg; capture of 450 sacks of flour, 2,000 sacks of barley and of the detachment guarding the depot.

Other events

29 Messidor I Charlotte Corday, murderer of Jean-Paul Marat, is executed.

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