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Quartidi 14 Pluvi˘se

Quartidi 14 Pluvi˘se, jour de l'avelinier
cobnut day

Calendrier Militaire

Year V

Army of Italy.
Joubert, general-in-chief.
Vial, brigade commander.
The French attack the remnants of the Austrian army behind the Lavis and repulse them until Saint-Michel; many enemy casualties, 800 prisoners.
Victor, division general.
Lasne, brigadier-general.
The French enter Jmola, between 3,000 and 4,000 men from the Pope's army, entrenched behind the Senio river, are routed with the loss of 500 killed, 1,200 prisoners, 8 flags, 15 cannons and 8 caissons. The French enter Faenza and Forli.
Serrurier, division general.
Capitulation of Mantoue, the garrison prisoner of war.

There, were found 538 field guns, 17,115 shotguns, 4,484 pistols, 14,562 bombs, 187,329 cannonballs, 529,000 pounds of powder, 1,401,379 various gargousses and cartridges; 36,100 pounds of iron, 321,400 pounds of lead, 184 chariots or caissons.


In France, we call that un inventaire Ó la PrÚvert (a Prevert-like inventory). Named after the 20-century French poet Jacques PrÚvert and his most famous poem. If you ever hear a French speaking about ratons-laveurs (racoons) while the conversation is not about wildlife, odds are high this person is implicitly quoting the poem.

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