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Quartidi 24 Prairial

Quartidi 24 Prairial, jour du caille-lait
curds day

Calendrier Militaire

Year II.

Army of Moselle.
Jourdan, general-in-chief.
Crossing of the Sambre, by the Army of Moselle; invasion of Charleroy; fight at the outposts; the enemy is repulsed everywhere, losing many prisoners.

United Armies of Moselle, the Ardennes, and the North.
Jourdan, general-in-chief.

Strong action on several columns which drives off all the outposts of Charleroy, and victoriously reach Gosselies.

Year III.

Army of Sambre and Meuse.
Hatry, general-in-chief, commanding officer.
Capture of Luxembourg; the enemy loses 12,396 prisoners of war, 25 flags, 819 guns, including 467 bronze guns, 16,244 shotguns, 336,857 cannonballs, 47,801 bombs, 114,704 grenades, 1,033,150 pounds of powder.


In France, we call that un inventaire à la Prévert (a Prevert-like inventory). Named after the 20-century French poet Jacques Prévert and his most famous poem. If you ever hear a French speaking about ratons-laveurs (racoons) while the conversation is not about wildlife, odds are high this person is implicitly quoting the poem.

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