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Duodi 2 Frimaire

Duodi 2 Frimaire, jour du turneps
turnips day

Calendrier Militaire

Year I

Army of the Rhine.
Dumourier, general-in-chief.
5,000 French rout the whole enemy army before Tirlemont, this army must evacuate the town while losing 400 men.

Year II

Army of the Rhine.
Pichegru, general-in-chief.

Successive fights and capture of the posts of Bouxweiller, Brumpt and Haguenau by the French; the enemy routs.

Year IV

Army of Italy.
Schérer, general-in-chief.
Serrurier, Massena, Augereau, division generals.
Battle of Loano; Austro-Sard rout; 3,000 enemies killed, 5,000 prisoners, including several general officers and 200 other officers; capture of la Pietra, Loano, Finale, Vado and Savonne, with all their stores; capture of 100 cannons, 100 caissons, 5 flags and a huge quantity of shotguns.

Year V

Army of the Rhine and Moselle.
Moreau, general-in-chief.
Desaix, division general.
Strong sortie by the Kehl garrison; the enemy line is broken without

a single shot; part of the enemy artillery is spiked.
Many enemy casualties; from 600 to 700 prisoners; capture of 10 cannons.

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