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Primidi 21 Fructidor

Primidi 21 Fructidor, jour de l'églantier
wild rose day

Calendrier Militaire

Year I

Army of the North.
Houchard, general-in-chief.
Battle of Honscoote, won by 16,000 Republican troops against 18,000 coalised troops; 5,000 enemy casualties.

Army of the Ardennes.
Loison, commanding officer.
The enemy evacuate the Hastières posts and suffer many losses.

Army of Italy.
Dumerbion, general-in-chief.
The Piemontese are completely routed. They are repulsed from the Brouis-Hutel and Levenzo posts, 2,000 killed.

Year IV

Army of the Rhine and Moselle.
Armistice concluded with the Prince of Bavaria and Palatinate.
Férino, division general, commanding officer.
Meeting engagement between the centre vanguard and the enemy at Mainbourg, the enemy is driven off. The left wing of General Ferino's division advances on Mosbourg, and expels the enemy; 550 prisoners; 1 cannon captured.

Army of Italy.
Buonaparte, general-in-chief.
Augereau, division general.
Attack of the fortified camp at Primolac; the enemy flees, rallies in the Coveto fort but must evacuate it; the Republican cavalry pursues, overcomes the head of the column and take it prisoner; many enemy casualties, 4,000 prisoners; capture of 10 cannons, 15 caissons and 9 flags.

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